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4 min read August 19, 2022

NEAR Foundation’s Response to Tornado Cash, Ownership and Regulation 

NEAR as an ecosystem identifies ownership––the ability for all people to control their own data, assets, and power of governance––as its most important shared goal.  In light of recent regulatory developments concerning the cryptocurrency mixing service Tornado Cash and the ensuing banning of several services, it’s important to reiterate the Foundation’s views on privacy, ownership, […]

4 min read July 28, 2022

Why Web3 is Needed More than Ever

The world is literally on fire. Europe, Asia and parts of America have all experienced record temperatures this summer, causing wildfires and devastation.  The world economy too, is running hotter than anytime in living memory. War wages in Europe, inflation continues to climb, energy supplies are dwindling, and food shortages are becoming the norm.  Last, […]

4 min read June 24, 2022

The NEAR Foundation’s Vision for the Future

The past several weeks have been challenging for many within crypto. This downturn is also very different from the previous 2018/2019 crypto winter as it is occurring against the backdrop of surging inflation, rising interest rates and global instability. Crypto isn’t immune to these shocks, but the crypto ecosystem is more robust than it was […]

11 min read April 18, 2022

Music and Blockchain: The Rise of the New Musician 

New music tools and platforms are popping up on blockchains, like NFTs, music software, Metaverse gatherings, and decentralized streaming platforms. With them, a new type of musician is coming into focus. One exploring novel creative technologies and more equitable revenue streams—on their own terms.  How exactly are musicians navigating Web3 in 2022? Let’s take a […]

7 min read April 14, 2022

Music and Blockchain: Building a Record Label on the Blockchain

Blockchain technology and Web3 are on their way to transform everything—particularly the world of art and music. Right now, the music industry is very much centralized, with Web2 streaming platforms (despite being extremely popular) often not getting the best deal for artists.  Blockchain solutions are working to solve this. Decentralized streaming platforms, like the NEAR-based […]

9 min read April 11, 2022

Music and Blockchain: Introducing the Future of Sound

After more than two years of a global pandemic, following what seemed to be a never-ending sequence of postponements, rescheduling, and cancellations, live music has returned in full force. From destination festivals to elaborate arena shows or even regional theaters and local clubs, venues are opening their doors to once again allow artists to perform […]

7 min read April 1, 2022

NEAR in March: Unchain Fund, SailGP, and DAOs

The NEAR community’s extraordinary momentum continued into March, with a number of exciting launches, partnerships, hackathons, and more happening across the ecosystem.  While the events unfolding in Ukraine had a profound effect on many of the teams in the NEAR ecosystem, projects continued to deliver on their roadmaps as a testament to the community’s resiliency […]

2 min read March 30, 2022

Register for NEAR’s March Town Hall: DAOs on NEAR

Hello, NEAR World. 2022 is shaping up to be the year of the DAO. Join the community for NEAR’s March Town Hall on March 21, 5:00pm GMT (1:00PM EDT/10:00am PDT) for a deep dive into NEAR’s ecosystem of DAOs.  NEAR Foundation CEO Marieke Flament will open the Town Hall with some updates on the ecosystem […]

6 min read March 17, 2022

A Deep Dive into DAOs: How DAOs Are Changing Everything

The global community is being heard. Web3 continues to surge in popularity as developers and end-users alike instill confidence in decentralized blockchains, where information lives transparently and out in the open, in direct opposition to Big Tech’s private, opaque databases storing massive amounts of data.  Just as NFTs went viral in 2021, DAOs are now […]


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