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7 min read March 14, 2022

NEAR’s Road to Decentralization: Building Bridges

The NEAR community’s big-picture vision has always been straightforward — onboard billions of people into Web3. In this new iteration of the Internet, blockchain platforms and apps will be decentralized, open-source, transparent, and humane. This Open Web will be full of utility, encouraging maximum participation from developers and end-users.  Web3 won’t be dependent on central […]

7 min read March 11, 2022

NEAR’s Road to Decentralization: Empowering the Guild Community

The NEAR network is reimagining how decentralized applications and platforms are built, playing a major role in transforming the internet from the centralized Web2 to an open-source, community-driven Web3. Amidst the NEAR community’s growth and continued decentralization, its guild system has emerged as a significant contributor to building more open, interconnected, and collaborative projects within […]

5 min read March 7, 2022

NEAR’s Road to Decentralization: A Deep Dive into Aurora

One of NEAR Foundation’s core missions has been to create a network that empowers users to take control of their data, their finances, and the tools to govern.  In the web3 world, this idea can be neatly summed up by one word: decentralization. This is a process whereby control and the tools to create and […]

7 min read March 3, 2022

NEAR’s Road to Decentralization

Since its inception, NEAR Foundation has been committed to not only helping build a fast, secure and scalable blockchain, but to facilitate the decentralization of network to the community. Not only are concrete steps being taken to fast-track the decentralization of NEAR’s underlying technology and infrastructure, but massive contributions are being made towards galvanizing the […]

5 min read March 1, 2022

NEAR in February: ETHDenver, Pagoda Launch, and More

The NEAR community did a lot in February: events, hackathons, launches, and even the Lunar New Year. If you blinked, you might have missed a number of exciting happenings within the NEAR community and throughout the ecosystem.  So let’s take a look back at all of the activity across NEAR’s global nodes. A NEAR Hóngbāo […]

15 min read December 28, 2021

NEAR 2021: A Year in Review

Welcome to the NEAR Retrospective! It’s been quite a year for NEAR Foundation, Near Inc., and, of course, all the incredible projects and community members that make all of this possible.  So we thought it was high time to look back at some of the highlights from 2021: everything from protocol upgrades, ecosystem funding, community […]

4 min read December 16, 2021

NEAR Foundation CEO Transition: A Note from Erik Trautman

I’m proud to say that, earlier today, the NEAR Foundation announced its selection of Marieke Flament as its new  CEO starting January 1st, 2022. It’s an exciting time of transition and we’re thrilled to bring Marieke aboard because she brings world class leadership to the NEAR community. Her hiring highlights how this ecosystem is pulling […]

5 min read December 16, 2021

Marieke Flament Appointed CEO of NEAR Foundation To Spearhead Growth

The NEAR Foundation is thrilled to announce it has selected global executive Marieke Flament as its new CEO, effective January 1, 2022.   The appointment comes at an exciting time for the NEAR ecosystem. The NEAR blockchain is a permissionless, proof-of-stake carbon-neutral blockchain designed to be super-fast, incredibly secure, and infinitely scalable. NEAR is backed by […]

4 min read November 2, 2021

NEAR Foundation Hires Chris Ghent To Lead Global Brand and Communications Efforts

NEAR Foundation is delighted to announce that Chris Ghent has joined NEAR Foundation as Global Head of Brand Strategy & Partnerships. Chris will be spearheading the Foundation’s efforts to build on its strategy of creating a blockchain that is simple to use, incredibly secure, and infinitely scalable.    He’ll do that by looking to build the […]


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