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2 min read June 12, 2023

Case Study: Sweat Economy’s Oleg Fomenko on Reshaping Fitness with Move-to-Earn

NEAR is a home to a number of amazing apps and projects. These developers, founders, and entrepreneurs are using NEAR to effortlessly create and distribute innovative decentralized apps, while helping build a more open web — free from centralized platforms. In recent installments, NEAR Foundation explored the BOS with Pagoda’s Chief Product Officer Alex Chiocchi, […]

4 min read May 25, 2023

Get Ready to SWEAT: Learn and Earn with the Most Active NEAR dApp

The NEAR Foundation is thrilled to announce a new campaign with Sweat Economy that will educate individuals about the basics of Web3 – while also promoting healthier lifestyles. Users can now take part* in the latest Learn & Earn lesson in the Sweat Wallet app to earn USDT token simply by learning more about stablecoins. […]


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