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3 min read October 29, 2021

John Smith joins NEAR Inc. as CISO to redefine safety in the Blockchain Ecosystem

We are thrilled to announce that John Smith has joined NEAR Inc as its Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).  John will be leading NEAR Inc’s information security strategy, working closely with core development teams, partners, and the ever-expanding NEAR community. “John has the right background, experience, and network to do the hard work of elevating […]

3 min read October 25, 2021

NEAR Announces $800 Million in Funding Initiatives To Support Ecosystem Growth

The NEAR ecosystem is announcing a monumental $800 million in funding initiatives targeted at accelerating growth.  The announcement, which includes the $350 million in funding announced by Proximity Labs last week – reported in Bloomberg – is designed to build on the momentum in the NEAR ecosystem over the last 12 months.  While NEAR is […]

1 min read October 12, 2021

NEAR Launches $1 Million Marketing Competition and Virtual Conference

NEAR is launching a marketing competition and virtual conference with more than $1 million in prizes and funding. Taking place between November 1-30 2021, Gen C 2021 is for anyone looking to help solve some of crypto, and tech’s biggest challenges.  Join incredible speakers, thought leaders, and founders of crypto and technology companies across 50 […]

14 min read July 19, 2021

What the NEAR Foundation Does

The NEAR Foundation (“NF”) is a unique kind of organization.  It helped to launch both a technological platform — the NEAR Protocol — and the ecosystem around it.   The Foundation, which was introduced briefly last year, is a Swiss-based nonprofit, non-beneficiary organization which uses the power of its financial and operational resources to support the […]

6 min read April 16, 2021

NEAR Protocol Awarded the Climate Neutral Product Label

Post by Yessin Schiegg Builders on NEAR, join us and offset your carbon footprint! How can a decentralized blockchain that uses energy be climate neutral? – It can, by a commitment to measure, reduce, and offset its carbon footprint with green projects. NEAR Protocol has been awarded the Climate Neutral Product Label from South Pole. […]

6 min read March 10, 2021

The NEAR Blockchain is Climate Neutral

 – Guest Post by Yessin Schiegg The NEAR Blockchain is Climate Neutral. If you are concerned about climate change and the effect that blockchain is having on the earth, this text should open your eyes that the NEAR Protocol is the right choice to save the climate! The Dilemma Climate change is arguably the most […]

9 min read October 30, 2020

How the NEAR Foundation is Supporting Network Decentralization

Now that inflationary rewards are live, token holders are able to earn rewards from staking. Even without running a node, they can support the stability and security of NEAR by staking to validators. In just a few weeks, more than 250 million NEAR tokens have been staked, representing 25% of all NEAR in existence. We’re […]

15 min read May 13, 2020

Introducing the NEAR Foundation

The Why of NEAR When Alex, Illia and the rest of the early team came together in 2018 to explore the ideas that would eventually become the NEAR Protocol, we each used slightly different words to express a single feeling — that the trends of both governments and corporations over the past decade have made […]


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