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6 min read December 15, 2022

NEAR Strategic Update and Outlook for 2023

The recent stream of news clearly demonstrates that the world needs Web3. Trust in legacy institutions is breaking down, individual privacy and individual freedom are equally at risk, and the major Web2 platforms we use every day have become monopolies that focus on profit, not people.  Yet Web3 also hasn’t fully delivered on its promise […]

5 min read March 7, 2022

NEAR’s Road to Decentralization: A Deep Dive into Aurora

One of NEAR Foundation’s core missions has been to create a network that empowers users to take control of their data, their finances, and the tools to govern.  In the web3 world, this idea can be neatly summed up by one word: decentralization. This is a process whereby control and the tools to create and […]


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