June 12, 2023

Case Study: Sweat Economy’s Oleg Fomenko on Reshaping Fitness with Move-to-Earn

NEAR is a home to a number of amazing apps and projects. These developers, founders, and entrepreneurs are using NEAR to effortlessly create and distribute innovative decentralized apps, while helping build a more open web — free from centralized platforms. In recent installments, NEAR Foundation explored the BOS with Pagoda’s Chief Product Officer Alex Chiocchi, and heard from OnMachina co-founder Jonathan Bryce on building decentralized storage. 

In the latest case study, Sweat Economy founder Oleg Fomenko talks about revolutionizing fitness with blockchain technology. Aside from talking about Sweat Economy’s integration with NEAR, Fomenko also talks about integrating the Sweat Wallet app with the BOS. With over 6 million active users, the Sweat Wallet is the most active dApp on NEAR. 

Watch the Sweat Economy Case Study video below.

Sweat Economy’s Learn & Earn program brings in over 200,000 users

As part of its partnership with NEAR Foundation, Sweat Economy launched its Learn & Earn feature in the Sweat Wallet to educate users about Stablecoins and promote USDT on NEAR in the Sweat Wallet. 

In Sweat Economy’s Learn & Earn Program, which ran from May 23-31, Sweat Wallet users were rewarded with 1 USDT by completing the “What are Stablecoins?”  lesson and an interactive quiz. In total, 100,000 USDT was given out as rewards in this initiative. In just 9 Days: 

  • 245,048+ users started the lesson
  • 218,789 users completed the lesson: 218,789
  • 130,068 users completed the lesson & quiz: 
  • 100,000+ users were rewarded with 1 USDT (by completing the lesson and passing the quiz within 6 attempts)
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