March 24, 2023

NEAR and Popp Partner on Customer Engagement for Small Businesses

NEAR Foundation is excited to announce a new partnership with Popp, a company helping small businesses generate better customer engagement using Web3 technology. 

As part of the partnership, Popp — a solution-as-a-service (SaaS) for small-to-medium consumer brands — will launch its white-labeled tools and products exclusively on NEAR. 

How Popp works for small businesses

Popp helps consumer brands launch micro community spaces for customers, which are embedded in their online stores. Milestone-based customer rewards then drive more engagement for brands. The NEAR partnership will, for instance, allow Popp’s customers to issue NFTs when certain milestones are met. 

On Popp, brands can build deeper, more meaningful connections with customers by rewarding them across multiple touch points. Through these bespoke projects, Popp has already generated over £57k in revenue ($69k USD) in six months via six pilot partners. 

Popp has two interfaces. On the business side, each brand gets its own custom dashboard, where they control its loyalty and rewards program and see customer data. On the customer side, users can see all of the user activity in one place, like new members and the number of “Popps” that are live or completed. Customers can also create and interact with content — the more they interact with the community, the more coins they can earn. 

Popp’s customer brands include Batch LDN, perl Cosmetics, Acid Running, Jenki Matcha, and Ocean Bottle

What’s a Popp? 

A Popp is a small task set by a brand for customers. If customers complete the task, they earn coins that can be used to redeem rewards or unlock experiences. 

Each brand can set a variety of Popps for their customers, which are micro-tasks that generate value for the brand. This can include creating content, leaving reviews, or referring friends. Completing various Popps give users things like discounts and vouchers, but brands can also set up popps for charity, sustainability, and much more.

Through Popp’s “Partnerships” feature, brands can make coins redeemable for rewards from partnering bands. This feature even allows companies to “invite” brands to partner with them for these rewards.  Each customer gets their own user profile, through which they can see the number of coins they’ve collected, and explore where to redeem rewards.


Head over to Popp to explore the company’s customer rewards ecosystem. Popp’s closed beta is now live and e-commerce brands should head over to the website now to join the waitlist! 

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