E-commerce is entering a new era of customer loyalty as Taco Labs and NEAR Foundation join forces to revolutionize the way 5.6 million Shopify retailers engage and retain customers. This innovative partnership fosters personalized loyalty experiences that deepen connections between brands and consumers, transcending traditional loyalty program limitations.

By merging Taco Labs’ inventive platform with NEAR’s speedy, carbon-neutral blockchain, Shopify retailers can develop captivating loyalty programs while overcoming Web3 adoption challenges, such as slow transactions and high fees. The alliance paves the way for engaging multiplayer experiences, token-gated access, and exclusive benefits that transform customer retention and brand affinity.In this new loyalty landscape, both brands and consumers stand to benefit from this groundbreaking collaboration.

Taco Labs and NEAR: Loyalty reinvention unwrapped

As e-commerce continues to evolve, customer loyalty programs must adapt to remain relevant and effective. Traditional loyalty programs often struggle to build meaningful connections with customers, resulting in missed opportunities for improved retention and brand loyalty. Taco Labs and NEAR Foundation have partnered to address this issue, offering groundbreaking solutions to Shopify retailers. 

The Starbucks case study illustrates how these solutions can foster unique and engaging loyalty experiences. With its recently unveiled Odyssey initiative, Starbucks created a Web3 loyalty program centered on gamification and real-life participation. Customers engage in challenges — like trying new menu items — to earn digital collectible stamps (NFTs). These stamps can be traded, and provide access to exclusive perks like limited-edition token-gated products, virtual classes, and trips to Starbucks roasteries or coffee farms.

Similar to Starbucks, Taco Labs is harnessing Web3 to create innovative and captivating customer experiences and connections. The Taco App is doing this through quest gamification, membership tiers, reward points, and referral programs. These experiences are delivered swiftly, seamlessly, and at scale using the NEAR Protocol.

Taco Labs and NEAR Foundation will further facilitate innovative loyalty approaches, incentivizing brand-valuable behavior, enhancing customer engagement, and transforming the e-commerce loyalty landscape.

Streamlining loyalty with no-code solutions

Taco Labs’ comprehensive platform addresses both immediate business needs and fosters long-term growth. It enables brands to scale their loyalty programs without incurring high costs and adapts to various business models, making the platform suitable for diverse industries and market segments.

A key strength of Taco Labs is its seamless integration with existing systems, connecting easily with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify and in-store Point of Sale (POS) systems. This cross-channel integration ensures a cohesive and immersive customer experience across online and offline touchpoints.

Taco’s no-code approach streamlines the process for brands, marketers, and agencies. The end-to-end workflow doesn’t require specialized technical knowledge or developers, allowing businesses to focus on building meaningful connections with customers.

In the Web3 world, privacy and data security are crucial. Taco addresses this by giving brands control over customer data, which is stored on a decentralized, transparent network. This ensures security and privacy while enabling brands to leverage valuable information for decision-making.

Combining Web3 and the user-friendly NEAR Protocol, Taco Labs revolutionizes customer loyalty programs. Taco’s scalable, adaptable, and secure features enable businesses to create engaging experiences that retain customers and foster lasting connections, differentiating loyalty programs in a competitive market.

Spicing up Shopify loyalty

Taco Labs and NEAR Foundation will provide innovative solutions for Shopify retailers to enhance customer loyalty programs. By using Web3 technology, businesses can launch exclusive, early-access products quickly. Integration with Shopify delivers Web3 benefits while preserving Web2’s convenience and user experience.

With Nike’s successful CryptoKicks NFT campaign as another example, Taco Labs enables Shopify retailers to create similar experiences. Businesses can launch tiered NFTs to crowdfund new product lines, offering lifelong perks to early supporters, like monthly loyalty tokens for exclusive products and offers. This encourages early adoption and strengthens customer relationships.

Taco Labs’ platform promotes brand-valuable behavior by allowing customers to buy, sell, and gift the NFTs they’ve received. This generates a dynamic ecosystem of gifting and trading, attracting new customers without costly marketing. The platform’s blockchain foundation enables comprehensive data analytics, providing customer insights while respecting privacy.

A key advantage of Taco Labs and NEAR Foundation’s collaboration is user control over data. Customers can choose to share information or maintain privacy, fostering trust and a positive experience. With data stored on a public blockchain, no third party can revoke access, ensuring businesses retain full control over customer relationships.

Taco Labs and NEAR offer Shopify retailers a powerful, flexible solution to boost customer loyalty and engagement by combining Web3 and Web 2 features. This partnership presents an excellent growth opportunity for businesses in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The collaboration ushers in a new era of customer loyalty, empowering Shopify retailers to harness Web3 capabilities. By seamlessly integrating blockchain technology with existing platforms, businesses can create tailored, engaging experiences fostering lasting customer connections.

From token-gated products to comprehensive analytics, this partnership enables unique, sustainable loyalty programs, blending the strengths of Web3 and Web2 technologies. As the future of customer engagement unfolds, Taco Labs and the NEAR ecosystem are at the forefront.


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