NEAR Horizon and Encode Club have joined forces with a singular mission: to simplify the entry into the Web3 sphere. This partnership forms a structured pathway, offering builders and founders a seamless transition into the blockchain world. Anchoring their efforts on practical solutions, NEAR Horizon and Encode Club aim to foster an inclusive and accessible future in the ever-evolving decentralized landscape.

Uniting Encode’s developer training expertise with NEAR’s advanced tech, the partnership goes beyond facilitation. It directly trains builders, fueling growth and actively shaping an open Web3.

Encode x NEAR Horizon: Four steps to blockchain expertise

This inclusive program is meticulously designed to accommodate everyone from those new to blockchain to well-versed industry professionals, promoting skill development and exploration in Web3.

Here’s what to expect:

  1. Encode x NEAR Horizon Educational Series: The journey commences with a four-week program of building awareness of Web3 and NEAR Technology. These sessions aim to demystify blockchain technology, making it approachable for newcomers while offering valuable insights for seasoned professionals. From introductory presentations to in-depth technical demos, the educational series lays a solid foundation for all participants.
  1. Encode x NEAR Horizon Bootcamp: An intense eight-week program offers a deep dive into the world of blockchain development. Participants engage in live classes, practical assignments, and collaborative group projects — all under the expert guidance of seasoned instructors. The bootcamp offers a hands-on learning experience, accelerating the participants’ transition from theory to practice.
  1. Encode x NEAR Horizon Hackathon: A four-week hackathon that supports builders in launching high-quality projects. This event is designed to challenge participants and allow them to apply their newfound skills. With technical workshops, mentorship, and continual support, the hackathon provides an excellent platform for budding developers to build, learn, and innovate.
  1. Encode x NEAR Horizon Accelerator Program: This eight-week program focuses on nurturing the most promising hackathon projects and ecosystem builders. By offering mentorship and weekly workshops, the accelerator program aims to transform innovative ideas into operational startups, contributing to the growth and diversity of the NEAR ecosystem.

In essence, this partnership between NEAR Foundation and Encode Club is more than just an event — it’s a comprehensive roadmap to blockchain mastery, designed to educate, engage, challenge, and inspire all who embark on the journey.

Cultivating talent: Encode x NEAR Horizon growth strategy

The program offers a well-structured process for developers to learn, practice and build startups while receiving mentorship support from Encode and NEAR Horizon. The program’s impact extends beyond individual growth, as it also fosters a thriving environment for the NEAR ecosystem and Web3 developers.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of this enriching experience — an opportunity that promises to strengthen the NEAR ecosystem while nurturing the next generation of Web3 developers. Embark on a rewarding blockchain journey with the NEAR Horizon and Encode Club partnership. Whether it’s the educational series, hackathon, bootcamp, or accelerator program, NEAR Horizon and Encode provide the resources and opportunities you need to succeed in the world of blockchain. Your blockchain adventure starts here. 

To start,  create a NEAR Horizon project profile and register to the Encode x NEAR Horizon program here. Stay updated on Encode Club’s programs via their website, Twitter, and Discord, and join a community that shares your passion for Web3 innovation and growth. NEAR Horizon was recently launched, read the press release here, and register in the NEAR Horizon platform here.


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