June 21, 2023

Open Call for NEAR Horizon Content Creators

NEAR Horizon, an early stage accelerator for Web3 founders, is making waves on the BOS with new projects and contributors joining the platform every day. As the user base grows, so does Horizon’s commitment to delivering vital content founders when they need it. 

NEAR is an open-source, decentralized blockchain protocol that is designed to be scalable, developer-friendly, and able to support a wide range of decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts. NEAR is also the Blockchain Operating System (BOS) — a Web3 stack that integrates experiences from across the Open Web streamlining the discovery and onboarding experience for users and developers alike.

As an early stage accelerator for the open web, NEAR Horizon is revolutionizing how founders and builders find support in Web3. Users can build and scale great projects alongside a thriving community, while tapping into a robust backer network and diverse supporting resources. To list your project on the NEAR Horizon platform, visit near.org/horizon

Create content for Horizon

To help cater to the unique needs of these projects, Horizon has announced a Request for Content Proposals

Web3 founders at any stage of launching their startups can find essential resources through the Horizon app. These resources need to stay current and provide meaningful guidance to readers. 

Requested content includes templates for offer letters, Product Market fit guides, explanations of the Web3 regulatory landscape, and Web3 business fundamentals — like what to know before launching a token. 

The main criteria for new content are:

  1. Submissions should add something new to the existing collection. Please review existing content before submitting. Submissions that are too similar to existing content will be rejected. Please review the following before submitting:
    1. Wiki
    2. Horizon Learning Page
  2. English Language
  3. In-depth how-to guidance  

All of the topics described above are extremely complex but critical for early-stage Web3 startups to understand. Horizon is seeking strong content creators and writers who have deep expertise in a relevant area to create asynchronous resources that engage and educate early stage Web3 founders. These resources should be geared towards people who are new to starting Web3 businesses.

To submit a proposal, please review the Request for Content Proposals document, which contains a link to the submission form.

Important dates for NEAR Horizon Content Creators

NEAR Foundation will be assessing proposals based on the requirements outlined in open call. Content Creators are expected to submit their proposals by June 30, 2023. The NEAR Foundation review team will be conducting interviews with selected candidates between July 3rd – 15th. 

The review team will shortlist proposals between July 16th-28th and will communicate further with the selected parties. Final approval will be provided by the NEAR Foundation Counsel. 

NEAR Foundation Commitments

NEAR Foundation commits to providing access to NEAR ecosystem teams for the selected product partner(s) as “preferred partners.” This will mean that the selected partner(s) are vetted and approved by the NEAR Foundation, and should lead to an increase in the number of projects that are interested in retaining the partner(s)’ services.  

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