Near at ETHDenver Hackathon Bounty Winners

For the 2023 edition of ETHDenver, the Near ecosystem offered a number of bounties across a range of Web3 verticals, including DeFi, Content, Search, Social Media, Interoperability, Smart Contract History, and more. There were 3 main prize pools from Aurora, Proximity, and Developer Governance (DevGov). 

Congratulations to all Near winners. who received over 30k in USDC! Let’s have a look at the winning projects of the Near at ETHDenver bounties. 

Aurora Bounty Winners

Open Aurora Bounty

Winner – StakingPool Aurora

Implements a liquid staking protocol around Aurora Plus staking. Users will deposit AURORA and receive a share in $stAUR tokens, which distributes the APY rewards. $stAUR could be immediately converted with a fee or wait for a delayed unstake.

Runner Up – Geni

AI-powered specifications generator of security tests for smart contracts.

Runner Up – Demeter

A lending platform that offers yield advancements, i.e., self-paying loans. Borrowers’ collateral is invested in RWA protocols, and the yield pays off debt.

Proximity Bounty Winners

Deploy a Decentralized Frontend Component

Winner – BosWrap 

BosWrap used the Near Blockchain Operating System to build a decentralized widget for wrapping/unwrapping ETH.

Runner Up – ABI BOS Widget 

A solidity explorer widget that allow users to explore any smart contract for a given ABI. You can get ABI from Etherscan website.

Runner Up – Bossed Up

A project focusing on Ethereum frontends, Blockchain Operating System improvements, and NEAR Social widgets that interact with NEAR contracts.

Runner Up – Atmosph3re

A dApp for reducing the homeless crisis in the United States by giving those living on the streets a decentralized identity, mentoring and community support, and funds for spending on their basic needs to help them thrive. 

Runner Up – EthDenver2023UWCA

A dApp on NeaR’s new frontend with BOS.GG. Integrates with Rocketpool to offer quick swaps on Ethereum.

DevGov Bounty Winners

Extensive Developer Profile Widget

Winner – Developer Profile

A recreation of Github profile for NEAR social developers in the Blockchain Operating System. 

Fuzzy Search Widget / Promoted Posts Banner Widget / Top Posts Widget  / Post History with Diff Widget

Winner – Near.Social DevGovGigs Improvements 

A new Developer Governance Gigs interaction experience for Near.Social. Features: 1) Fuzzy Searching that can handle typos, 2) Promote posts and Promoted Post viewer, 3) Hottest Posts viewer, and 4), Post editing history viewer.

Near.Social Bots Coded in Javascript

Winner – JS Bot Widget

Verifiable RPC Replies

Winner – Near Verifiable RPC Endpoints for Viewing Access Keys

Adds proof generation support to RPC read access key endpoints on the NEAR protocol to help pave the road for light client support. 

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