May 10, 2023

Knaq and NEAR: A New Era of Fan Engagement with Web3

Knaq, the pioneering fan loyalty platform, is poised to transform the way fans interact with their favorite creators on both Web2 and Web3 social media platforms. In collaboration with the NEAR Foundation, Knaq aims to foster more meaningful interactions within creator communities while providing true utility to NFTs and tokens via a summertime soft launch. 

By leveraging NEAR’s fast and scalable blockchain, Knaq will offer a seamless user experience through a user-friendly browser extension and redemption marketplace. This exclusive partnership empowers fans and creators, enabling them to benefit from the innovative features and rewards offered by Knaq and its diverse range of brand partners.

With Knaq’s unique vision and NEAR’s robust platform, the stage is set for a new era of fan engagement and loyalty in the creator space.

A perfect match for seamless creator engagement

Loyalty and rewards programs have become an integral part of our daily lives, shaping our experiences with various services and products. Knaq recognizes the potential of this concept and seeks to bring it to social media users who invest time and energy in engaging with their favorite content creators. By partnering with NEAR, Knaq brings the benefits of Web3 and crypto to the creator space.

Knaq’s browser extension and redemption marketplace, powered by NEAR, offers a seamless onboarding process for users as they engage with their favorite creators. This allows easy compatibility with existing crypto wallets and provides an effortless sign-up process using Google OAuth. Fans and creators can link their social media accounts to start earning rewards, while NEAR’s platform facilitates secure and efficient transactions.

The partnership between Knaq and NEAR Foundation brings additional benefits to users in the form of enhanced scalability and accessibility. NEAR’s highly scalable blockchain allows Knaq to handle high volumes of transactions, ensuring that the platform remains fast and reliable even as its user base grows. NEAR’s focus on user-friendly solutions also aligns with Knaq’s goal of making its platform accessible to a wide range of social media users, including those who may be new to Web3 and crypto.

Knaq’s exciting fan and creator features built on NEAR

NEAR’s technology enables Knaq to offer a multitude of exciting features and benefits that elevate fan engagement to new heights. By bridging the gap between Web3 and Web2 content platforms, Knaq delivers an experience that not only rewards fans for their support but also empowers creators to foster stronger connections with their audience.

One of the exciting features enabled by NEAR is the use of NFTs to grant exclusive access to live and virtual events. These NFTs offer fans unique opportunities to interact with their favorite creators and enjoy immersive experiences, while creators benefit from enhanced engagement and revenue generation.

Knaq’s engage-to-earn model rewards users with tokens for their engagement on all social media platforms, starting with YouTube. Built on NEAR, these tokens can be redeemed for various perks within the Knaq app and in real life via Knaq’s brand partners, providing fans with tangible incentives for their continued support. This, in turn, boosts creator engagement and revenues, making the platform a win-win solution for all parties involved.

Through Knaq, fans also get a behind-the-scenes look at their most beloved creators. This feature allows for a deeper connection between creators and their audience, building a stronger sense of community and loyalty.

Lastly, Knaq users have access to all related drops, tokens, and ecosystem incentives, with the first one planned for shortly after launch for early waitlist users. Thanks to NEAR’s robust platform, these initiatives can be seamlessly executed, further enhancing the value and utility of the Knaq experience for both fans and creators.

Knaq and NEAR: Powerhouse team and exciting prospects

The team-building Knaq brings together experienced creators, builders, and investors from both traditional markets and the crypto space. Their diverse backgrounds include working with renowned brands like Starbucks, ULTA Beauty, Buzzfeed, and J.P. Morgan, as well as prominent players in the crypto industry such as Circle, OKX, and Genesis Block. With a strong foundation and support from NEAR, Knaq is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the creator industry.

As part of their commitment to transparency and community engagement, the Knaq team will be fully doxxed in Discord, building trust and openness with users. NEAR’s collaboration has been instrumental in bringing Knaq to life, providing the technological backbone necessary for seamless integration and exceptional user experience.

The exciting features and benefits of Knaq set the stage for a new era of fan engagement and loyalty in the creator space. With innovative rewards and incentives, Knaq is poised to revolutionize the way we interact with creators, paving the way for a more engaging and rewarding experience for fans and creators alike.

Looking ahead, Knaq has planned a soft launch for the summer, with the first month reserved exclusively for those who sign up for the waitlist. This presents an exciting opportunity for early adopters to get a head start on the platform and even participate in a free giveaway post-launch. Creators interested in boosting community engagement are encouraged to reach out and explore the potential of Knaq and NEAR Foundation’s partnership. 

To learn more about Knaq’s rewards offerings and follow major upcoming events and announcements, sign up for the waitlist today at

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